Trine 2

Every time I read something like: “Battlefield 3 has the best graphics right now, bla” I’m always thinking first, “what? don’t they know of Trine?!?”… Because let’s face it, these things have nothing on the gorgeous, almost breathtaking looks of Trine! This is what I call beautiful graphics!
There’s not that much new stuff in the sequel, I would even say that the aspects that are just different outweigh true novelties (which isn’t a bad thing, if you come from a fantastic game anyway – in that regard it’s similar to BAC). The wizard can’t create triangles anymore (I can understand why they removed those) and inventories/items are gone for all characters. The latter weren’t completely forgotten though. When the heroes take a dive for the first time, the thief is asked what happened to the amulet that allowed her to breath underwater (that was awesome and the game could have used much more of that!). :)
Obviously new were the giant creatures and what I liked (in addition to their visual brilliance), was that they didn’t do this thing (which I almost always end up somehow regretting), where everything is evil just because it’s big/there; there’s an octopus who kinda helps the player by holding up platforms with its tentacles so it’s possible to jump to the other side. Another creature is just in the way and leaves without aggression, after the puzzle is solved.
The single negative part of this game, to me, is the story is more or less just a placeholder. One had to be there, apparently, so this template was chosen. It’s not as bad as I might have made it sound right now, it’s not insulting or anything, it just lacks depth and doesn’t hold any surprises. Trine is really all about the environment (its looks), all the puzzles/physics, the heroes and their abilities, the wonderful soundtrack and how flawless it all melds together into… Trine 2 (not necessarily in that order).
I bought the Collector’s Edition (retail) and it has an artbook (to me it’s actually interesting and not some superfluous goodie), the game and soundtrack on disc and a Steam code for Trine 1 as well (so it’s ideal for people who are new to the series – “sadly”/luckily I already had Trine 1 since…). There’s (naturally) a digital CE too, which has the artbook and soundtrack in the game’s folder after download – exactly like the retail version. So with the latter you get the physical AND digital artbook. Therefore, I really have no idea for which type of customer the fully digital version could be the preferred version. And all these realizations hit before considering that the retail is – on top of it all – cheaper… Crazy, right?
I finished the game, but I will get back to it, to collect more of the secrets I overlooked so far. As I already mentioned, the items (Trine 1 featured as secrets) are missing, so this time secrets are poems and paintings.


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