The Missing Link

Steam claims that it took me 10.7 hours to finish this, which would make it the longest DLC I ever played. The piece does basically everything as good or even better than the rest of the game did (yes, I dared to claim DLC can be part of the “real” game[‘s story]). It already includes the developers reaction to feedback received for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For some reason the boss fights weren’t universally well received (I’m used to boss fights playing differently than the rest of the game – boss fights are supposed to be “special”, after all – so _I_ didn’t really mind either way) and the confrontation with the boss in The Missing Link works now completely different. Maybe I should browse the web a bit to find out, what people dislike now… :P Anyways, there’s story, dialog, guards are next to always in conversations when Jensen lurks around and even lone guards make comments every now and then (I’m bored…). I’m not sure they did that in the main installment.
A similar level of detail can be observed with the environments. Some desks now have unique photographs on them and even some of the obligatory offices look memorable. Secrets aren’t just back, a few of them are now a little bit harder to find, than just having to crawl through a vent. Because Jensen starts without augs (I smell a plot hole here, because how is an EMP chair supposed to stop Jensen, if he already had the EMP protection?), stapling crates becomes necessary every now and then to reach the unreachable. :P I liked that, it made it important to observe the environment carefully. It’s nice when there’s more than just having to look for guards and cameras. That’s definitely part of why I didn’t have the slightest interest in rushing through this adventure and it pulled me in in exactly the same way the full campaign did. Twice.
Missing Link also shows, that achievements don’t have to be dumb and lazy, when they are only rewarded for finding actual secrets, instead of getting one for every inevitable occurrence like booting up the game.
The DLC is installed as an extra game. It’s not technically a part (only the story, which adds more details to the whole picture, is) of the original installation. That makes it especially ridiculous, that only owners of the main title can buy it in Steam. I’m guessing it would work for everyone and doesn’t seem to require any resources of the original. That’s probably why it’s over 2 GB in installation size too – some of the files are now using up space needlessly twice. To complete this impression, the DLC is launched in the Steam games list using a separate, extra entry. It behaves as a stand-alone expansion would.
I got it when it was 66% off and _that_ sum it was totally worth to me, especially when considering that I certainly will play it again at some point. Their dirty mind game worked on me and I’m excited to see, if they can come up with more adventures of this scope.

PS: They still haven’t fixed this crash, that often occurs when switching a lot between normal inventory and quest items and selecting examine on them. And the other crash, when choosing to exit the game (yes the game crashes when wanting to close it anyway, funny…) is alive and well too. So I’m assuming that not too much has changed, although the 2 separate exe files for DXHR and The Missing Link have different version numbers (and sizes). :)


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