Advent Rising

Advent Rising is the first game I post here, that I never finished completely (pretty sure). I played it roughly 1 year ago and still had the screenshots. The reason I never finished it, was the rather lengthy final boss fight, in which always the same thing happened: an explosion (I think) tossed my character with his head into the wall and all he did after that was to struggle with his feet, but was otherwise completely stuck. I played this fight 4-5 times with always the same outcome, which had me so frustrated, that I never tried it again. Apart from that (or up until that point) the game was quite good.
Advent Rising was supposed to be the first game in a trilogy (or so the rumor goes), but that plan didn’t work out and therefore this stays the sole installment. It’s good handling and fast action that makes this title worth playing and “details” like story and soundtrack what raises it above mediocrity. Except for the soundtrack none of the individual parts are that special, but it works all really well together. It’s also a nice example for what changed between the Unreal 2.x engine and the more current 3.x.
Since I learned only recently, that an unofficial patch for this game exists, I might still try once more to finish it. :)

  • 12 Xbox cutscenes and one movie file that were removed from the PC version
  • Fixes to 49 of the game’s 64 cutscenes
  • Corrections to timing and various subtitling errors in all of the game’s subtitles
  • Edits to the .ini files that:
    • Enable 4:3 display without the black bars
    • Enable trilinear filtering and Vsync
    • Bind the V key to teleport
    • Bind F5 to ShowDebug
    • Bind F6 to ViewBot
    • Bind F7 to free camera
    • Bind F8 to level skip
    • Bind F9 to screenshot
  • Edits to to correct a few problems with objectives
  • Edits to,, and to correct some issues with weapons, weapon screens, and descriptions (including resolution-dependent issues)



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