Since “everyone” only talked about the multiplayer of Battlefield 3, this was ample reason for me to try the single. I strongly dislike all this talk, that single wouldn’t even matter anymore (at least in the context of such games) and multi would be “everything”. Down the road this mindset could very well be one of the reasons, why no one bothers anymore, to make a singleplayer part at all – or at least a good one. Cutting costs is always attractive.
Once again I found the negative descriptions (for the campaign) mostly unfounded. At least the SP part of BF3 wasn’t worse than the equivalent in Call of Duty: Black Ops and that game’s SP parts didn’t receive so many negative comments (the story in most of these games is typically rather… I don’t want to insult anyone, let’s just say I was shocked to learn during the ending credits, that BF3 had 4 writers :P). In fact, BF3’s campaign was a little more “engaging”, than Black Ops’, because I thought BO had little to do, except for running behind a “guide” for almost the whole duration. I find this almost insulting. If I intend to watch a movie, I won’t grab a game instead. That’s little difference from playing a rail shooter right away (please start making Rebel Assault 3 if you are into that). Though BF3 has this “follow the leader” bullshit too, there is often a little more exploration and running around involved (running too far away gives starts a time limit, during which the player has to return to the allowed area… I guess it’s not that different from placing walls, still…).
I was also curious, because I never played a game using the Frostbite 2 engine thus far. Because I’m not a graphics fetishist, I’m almost always very happy with how games look (if I care at all – good graphics don’t make me play bad games, most of the time :P, and unimpressive graphics don’t keep me from playing/replaying great ones), I only get keen-eared when some games are praised for their looks, while others are not (or even receive some critics), despite looking pretty much the same. BF3 seems to be fitting this scenario, because it is sometimes even described as “the PC-game with the prettiest graphics right now”. Yeah… With such expectation it’s usually a short(er) way to disappointment. While I would naturally deem the visuals as good, the game looks in some aspects better than comparable games and in others worse. In that regard I would judge such descriptions as exaggerations. Of course it’s impossible to judge the potential of the engine by that.


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