Driver San Francisco

At first glance Driver might look like GTA without the option to leave the car, but that would be selling it short. It’s more than that and most important: it’s worth playing. The main character is a cop with the ability to “shift” into the body of any other driver in the city (yeah, similar to Quantum Leap) and thus control the respective car. This gameplay mechanic is used really well throughout all the various mission types and even the story. Besides featuring a DeLorean, the major highlight for me was, that they made the effort to record countless conversations, that occur once the player shifts into a car. It’s often funny, unexpected but almost always very entertaining. Same goes for several missions, one of the first in the game contains driving so reckless, that the driving instructor in the car offers cheaper lessons. :D Sometimes little side-stories even span through several of the chapters of the game’s story. One of the best arcs features two brothers, who wanted to go to college, by winning enough money in illegal street racing. :D It’s now up to the player to win the actual races. Although the dude promises it’s the last race, they show up again and again. :D Such bits were a lot more fun than the main story, which was more or less the usual “bad guy”-situation. :P
The game design is of the kind, that will (in the end) “test” everything the player has learned over the course of the whole game. That’s very satisfying and more than (especially) most action titles will deliver.
So for everyone who is into some (arcade style) racing and also prefers some nice gameplay twists, Driver might be just the thing.


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