Hard Reset

Hard Reset has an engine, that looks really awesome and is very fast at the same time. In that it’s the opposite of Dragon Age, whose engine is ugly (in comparison) and tends to be slow(er). :P The game has some impulses I liked a lot and missed in other games. Loading of new levels occurs during cutscenes, so there are no waiting periods (considering the player wants to watch the cutscenes and doesn’t try to skip them immediately) from start to finish. Why don’t all games do that? Anyways, the game is rather short, but even that is no problem, because it’s available at a fair price. A shorter game is no rip-off, if that’s reflected in the price accordingly.
Hard Reset delivers exactly what it promises. Reliable action, no bullshit.


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    […] a lot of content. Especially for such a shooter. I’m not trying to determine which has the shortest campaign, but those usually start showing the ending credits after ~8 hours. Point for Rage, as far as […]


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