Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.7beta

Unofficial English Patch 7.7beta by Wesp5 (210 MB) / Changes / Planet-Vampire

v7.7 18.08.2011

  • +Fixed Hatter staying unapproachable and a very rare crash at Zhao’s.
  • +Made Vandal quest available later and added an XP for alternatives.
  • +Changed Zhao bonus XP point condition so you need to kill all Tongs.
  • +Improved warehouse forklift sequence and added observatory railing.
  • Corrected placing nonexistent theatre camera and minor text details.
  • Fixed clinic guard not dropping key if killed by seductive feeding.
  • Restored dialogue history definition and made camera keys definable.
  • Made Isaac gift money on basic issue and reset endgame haven state.
  • Added ENB series mod to Extras directory, thanks to Boris Vorontsov.
  • Modified installer so it can automatically run ResPatch at the end.
  • Updated Extras weapons to switch depending on view using plus stats.
  • Fixed sliding chute down and elevator call issues in Venture Tower.
  • Corrected wrong material settings of Pisha’s hair, thanks to PsyCHo.
  • Added Python 2.7.2 update to Extras directory, thanks ColonelAlias.
  • Changed installer so it will only update 1.2 vampire.dll for retail.
  • Made Phil/Bill fix trigger only if Phil is dead, which removes him.

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