Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.6b

Unofficial English Patch 7.6a by Wesp5 (204 MB) / Changes / Planet-Vampire

7.6 had to be replaced by 7.6a due to installer bug

(+) is for Plus Edition players only!

  • +Restored unused OST music, thanks Rik Schaffer, SteveMV and Kendrel.
  • +Enabled you to keep Jack’s .38 pistol and restored bisexual Phil.
  • +Added Humanity loss for sending Copper to Nines and no-stake option.
  • +Tried to fix possible name plate bug and updated missing fists fix.
  • Fixed lost Mercurio email and removed extra Gargoyle XP from basic.
  • Added dumpster downtown to cover map hole and made Phil stay longer.
  • Corrected Imalia only handing out one camera and fixed missing pier music.
  • Added Malkavian whispers transcript to Extras, thanks to an unknown.
  • Fixed Nosferatu and Malkavian detection script of King’s Way level.
  • Replaced ancient Python 2.1 version with 2.7.2, thanks ColonelAlias.
  • Fixed spawning of Hallowbrook enemies and more minor level details.

//Update 2011/07/18

7.6b removes Python 2.7.2 due to incompatibilies with Win64 systems

Personally I had no incompatibilities, except for having to add a DLL file (without a msvcr71.dll in the game’s root, the game wouldn’t start), after which everything worked well again. So I have no idea if further problems exist, or were implied by that statement.


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  2. Well good, otherwise you would have downloaded the wrong/an old version.!/


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