American McGee’s Alice

Initially I only wanted to play Alice Madness Returns, but it’s been 10 years since part 1 came out, that’s why I thought it might be a good idea to play this again. I could only remember ~3 things (e.g. the black/white parts are unforgettable) from the first game. I had fond memories nonetheless, because the level design was very unusual (at the time and maybe even more today) and the epic Quake 3 engine (I need to find my copy of Star Trek: Elite Force II!) was always appealing to me (you just gotta love those skies!). Furthermore, it’s always quite the trip, to see how graphics evolved in such a time period (and gameplay + handling changed). 3D graphics more than anything else, often look shocking after a couple of years. Try to compare 12 year old Half-Life 1 with Crysis 2 and 12 year old Broken Sword with A New Beginning. Drawn backgrounds always win in this regard.
All in all I welcome every game where I’m not guided to the exit and am still allowed to find my own way. I’m curious how much I’ll like the sequel in comparison. :)


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