Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (24)

Male hero defends female “attachment” in bar against “redneck” assholes

I’ve seen this one in so many installments I now have to firmly believe, that this is some kind of standard text block in every writers word processor. Good lord how horrible. I’m not surprised to see this in an eighties movie – there it is to be expected (although still annoying), but it’s worse in fresh fiction. Last I saw it in an episode of XIII (made 2011!), which is about some sort of former elite secret agent/assassin/spy/operative who’s kinda running from all sorts of powers that want to control or kill him. Now, wouldn’t it be the much smarter thing in such a situation, to avoid exposing those “top secret fighting skills” to the whole world? Especially in that scenario? If they just want a certain amount of fighting scenes per episode, no matter what, there must be better ways to trigger them…


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