I’ve recently played XIII (first time) and was surprised, how good it looks. Usually 3D graphics this old (2003) look horrible today (just doesn’t age as well as e.g. drawn adventures), but in the case of XIII, the style really makes all the difference (being creative payed off). It’s a shame, no one makes such cel-shaded games anymore. That would make a nice counterpart to the wide-spread UE games (not that I would dislike those). I assume this cel-shading technique would look especially compelling on current hardware.
The only thing I would hold against this game (it even has a grappling hook!), is the very cruel ending. Sadly, the developer never made a sequel, so it would be necessary to get the comics it’s based on, to have some closure.

PS: The story of the new TV show of the same name, seems to follow a different path.


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