Dragon Age II DirectX 11 Screenshots

Other than the screenshots in my first entry (DirectX 9 Renderer, no HighDef Textures), all of the following screenshots were made using the DirectX 11 Renderer and the “High Resolution Texture Pack” and all effects enabled/set to max. I always felt that the difference was close to zero (which isn’t even meant as a negative critique – I was happy with the graphics [if anything at all, I would have hoped for a better performance for something, that doesn’t exactly look like Crysis 2], I was just baffled by some remarks I read, that claimed using DX11/the DX11 Renderer would be an extreme advantage) and that at best the better textures were visible (which didn’t require the DX11 Renderer and looked just as good with the DX9 counterpart), if the player searched for it. Other than that, the ground/sky seemed to look more plastic/vivid in DX11 (and distant landscapes were more beautiful). That’s about it… However, now it can easily be compared. Because screenshots don’t lie and so on. :P


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