Sucks, that they present something, that might reveal an integral part of the story, in a handwriting I can only partially read…

I must be one of, apparently, two people (or an equally exclusive group) on this planet, who really liked Singularity. It probably wasn’t the best shooter ever, but not being a total hit, is still far from being a bad game. Duh! It was clearly derivative (woman guiding the silent player character through levels=Half-Life²; setting is a pseudo-scientific experiment gone wrong=Bioshock…), but pulling from the best isn’t necessarily negative when it’s done right and fresh/own ideas are also added to the mix. It was a little bit against the “current” trend of shooters (e.g. Gears of War, Bulletstorm, CoD: Black Ops…), who don’t display anything anymore – an actual health bar is often more helpful, than just guessing when the screen death hits (it’s also easier, to just wait for the red color to fade, instead of having to ration health packs). At least I think so. This impression, of having some classic traits, is strengthened by little “secrets” (exploring pays off) hidden in the levels, a gameplay mechanic, that is more and more replaced by using achievements instead. Where HL² introduced the gravity gun or Portal the… portal… gun, Singularity has the TMD (Time Manipulation Device). This plot device lets the player age or renew some objects almost instantly – usually shown in a nice animation not many games feature within their real time 3D engines. Although the use of the TMD is limited, I can see how more freedom would have put the developers before gigantic tasks. In the context of such a shooter I deem it even less important. There are adventure games after all, that don’t introduce more versatility and in such cases it would really be desirable.


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