Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.4a

Just when you think it’s done and over with. :D Best support EVER.

Unofficial English Patch 7.4a by Wesp5 (171 MB) / Changes / Planet-Vampire

Hotfix 7.4a fixes a bug in version 7.4 where Larry stays completely mute.
Unpack all files within the hotfix zipfile, overwriting the older ones. Or download the full patch 7.4a. The full patch is available only in english, hotfix can be applied to both english & german installed copies of patch 7.4.

Changes in 7.4:

  • +Made Danielle stay upon sending Patty to Vandal and removed safe node.
  • Moved many notable restorations from basic patch to be available in Plus Edition only.
  • Made skip intro always work on resolutions > 800×600 and fixed double pawnshop key.
  • Corrected prostitutes privacy, Ash switch and Giovanni name issues.
  • Included auto-moving and walk/run toggle, thanks to Dheu and Malkav.
  • Fixed parking garage gang war problem and Ming as Nines size issue.
  • Restored Larry’s locations in basic patch and removed his email.
  • Corrected facing Ming Obfuscated and readded claws inventory infos.
  • Fixed tutorial conditions for high stats and area discipline popups.
  • Repaired asking Strauss about dealt-with-gargoyle and text details.
  • Removed body bag models from Dane and added one into Giovanni crypt.
  • Restored Nines line, sister reconciliation and fixed Bertram issue.
  • Swapped Anarchs back into basic patch and fixed getting XPs at Zhao’s.
  • Tweaked Strength history to avoid making Bloodstar powerup useless.
  • Fixed camera cycle and Chuck being mute , thanks to burgermeister.

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