It actually counts down – if the reapers arrive, if the computer runs uninterrupted for 2 days on this screen? :P

Sadly it wasn’t an arrival of mouse wheel support, the game never had… *still stunned* It was more of a departure of all voice actors, because Shepard has to go alone on this mission (when THE SHEP contacts Normandy in the end, some guy answers, whose voice I’ve never heard. :D When Joker is briefly on the screen, he stays silent… I would have expected the reuse of an old voice file.). The explanation/premise given, is that it’s supposed to be some kind of black ops/secret mission, but since it’s (as expected) quickly turning into a normal gunfight, that can’t be right. There’s no difference, except for going at it alone. But I don’t intend to be too negative. Although I do believe, that this mission would have never been designed this way, if it hadn’t been released as a DLC, it’s still a difference on the usual gameplay.
Fights are what’s done best in this mission, because they have done a nice upgrade on several of those. I really loved those big droids in Mass Effect 2, with shields/armor/health bars to shoot down, before they explode. My reason was, that their behavior was different. They couldn’t just be waited out like all the other enemies, because they would walk around corners and force the player out of cover. Now, in “Arrival”, they’ve combined normal enemies and those droids much more thoroughly; resulting in forcing the player out of cover, while several normal enemies are still in cover. That turns the fights into actual challenges! Methods like this one should have been used throughout the entire game! That would have been a lot more fun and so much more intense!

PS: Why does the “deep cover agent” (Shepard has to find) look exactly like Doctor Chakwas (except for the hair)? I honestly thought it was her, when I saw the first screenshots… Even the voice seems… similar.


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