Ad of Death

I visit a lot. So since I like the site, I disabled Adblock Plus (on Firefox 4 Beta 10), which I have normally active everywhere. Today I got this screen, immediately after opening the site:

If I click the message away, I’m instantly redirected, just as the dialog window says. Bottom line: With my current browser configuration and ads allowed, there’s no way for me to reach the page I wanted to see. Fun! Guess what’s the easiest way to fix this: Correct, enabling Adblock Plus it is.

First I was gonna say this was Firefox 4 Beta 10 behavior, because I tried it in Google Chrome 10.0.648.6 and nothing happened, but then I also tested Opera 11.01 and voila:

Other than my Firefox installation, Opera is final and both are quite good browsers. I tried to test it with IE as well, but with that thing I couldn’t get the ad in question to show up.


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