If you come to think of it (52)

Whenever there’s a Firefox topic/news, there’s always several people going like: “Yeah, yeah – used to use this thing this… Firefox. Several years ago! But then I switched to Chrome, because it’s so much faster! And even IE is faster than FF NOW! But it was pretty cool back in the day!” What I always used to do, was to think: “But aren’t there other important things to a browser, than just its speed?” Though that is true too, that was a mistake really, because the more interesting question should be: “If speed is really the most defining aspect of a browser to you, then why were you ever using Firefox? Opera is around a long time, was always a good browser and certainly was always faster than Firefox” If that was really true, then Opera would have held huge market shares for years. But that was never the case. It’s always been in a small niche instead. Completely undeserved, btw. Isn’t that just a little strange? To still claim this rather obvious falsehood? It’s really not the speed, that made you choose Chrome. At least there’s more to it. What was it and why isn’t that reason stated?


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