If you come to think of it (50)

I finally understood, why people, who aren’t affiliated with the music/other media industry in any way, demand the hardest, most idiotic and unconstitutional punishments for suspected sharers/downloaders of copyrighted content. For a very long time I wondered what could make them behave in such an (often) irrational fashion. Now, after long discussions with a bunch of fucking idiots (I’m glad I stayed in the debate until the very end, or I probably wouldn’t have picked up on it), it all became clear to me: envy. Yes, envy. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s the same thing that made health insurance a Mission Impossible™ in the United States. Other than true fans of something, who wouldn’t give a damn, they are afraid that someone else might get something for free, or that some of the money they spent, might be beneficial to others. It’s so obvious, I really should have seen that right away. Since it’s an emotional state, it also explains all the irrationality.


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