Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (22)

irrational changes in a character’s fighting abilities

More often than it is bearable, protagonists morph from the deadliest and most skilled uber-fighters into helpless imbeciles, that can’t even repel the most basic attack. Think Jacob on Lost, he kicked the crap out of Richard, but let Ben kill him in the exact same situation. The more often this is used in this fashion, the higher are the chances it’s a bad experience. Remember, when Daredevil/Affleck simply lay around bleeding, while the enemies killed Garner? But as soon as she was dead, he could fight again better than ever, when the blood loss should really incapacitate him NOW. Of course a couple of examples do make some sense, riding out of the castle in The Two Towers wasn’t horrible, because through their desperation and lack of better alternatives, they had reason (to not fight like this for the entire time). Differences like that can decide if it’s a good movie. In general, there must be better ways to explain, why characters can’t win all the time. There are.


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