Hawaii Five-0 1×04

I was already going a little into what’s seriously wrong with shows of this type in general, but why not get a little more specific.
A criminal (yawn) breaks out of prison (fresh! new! never seen before!) and does it by gluing the mouth of a poor sob shut, as well as gluing a gun into his hand, so he can’t throw it away. This decoy then gets shoved out a door for the cops outside to see. The cops then immediately use deadly force (while the bad guy uses the ruckus to escape) and notice their mistake when they inspect the dead body. While the good cop guys mention several times during this episode, how many people the escapee killed, the innocent shot dead by cops in the beginning, is completely forgotten. They would never stop for a second there and reflect, that this dude might still be alive, if the prison guards would have been a little more thoughtful/careful (maybe those scopes on the sniper rifles would have enabled people to see that his mouth was glued shut…), before perforating someone not shooting at them (maybe 30+ dudes in body armor in cover behind cars with assault rifles can handle one guy – even if he was dangerous). Because, this would have been a perfect example, why this procedure… uh, leaves something to be desired? But no, not in such a crime/cop show. Never! I didn’t bother to count if they just added the guy killed by the cops to the victims of the criminal. I’d seen enough.


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