Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (21)

cop shows in their entirety (inspired by a recently launched cop show)

Compared to cop shows, the jump from Serious Sam First to Second Encounter is an epitome of ingenuity. They feature less evolution than any random 3D/ego-shooter (those too, enhance little more than graphics). Today those installments are still working after parameters established in the eighties (and earlier). They remind of porn movies in this instance, except they don’t feature naked women. I’m not saying they should, rather that there’s not even a redeeming quality involved (usually). :P Seriously, how many times can you watch cops arresting a bad guy at the end of the episode, after there’s been a murder at the beginning, before finally yelling ENOUGH?!? It’s always the same! AHHH!
The stories are made up from so simple elements, that “plain writing” would be a compliment. For one thing, it’s incredible they are still doing the uber-cliché of the good cop/bad cop routine. It’s beyond awful by now. Speaking of cliché – as they grab Boomer from the beach, they tell the tale of her “blowing out her knee”, which is as unheard of as “tastes like chicken”. Also, critical injuries, but 100% fit for police duty? Yay!
It’s like Burn Notice, with the difference of being even less innovative. The whole getup seems to boil down to realizations, like the lack of a competitive crime show (think CSI) on this network. And everyone needs to have several of those, right? Why the hell is that?
In the second or third show, they torture a prisoner and at the end of the episode they swear an oath on the constitution and stuff, after *beeping* on it the whole time. Fantastic. It’s yet another of these omnipresent mantras in crime/cop shows, where cops make deals with suspects, although the DA is the only one capable/allowed to actually do this, no one is bound to honor such a deal. A cop making such an offer is the same thing, as a janitor offering a student a better grade, if he carries something around – the teacher, who actually gives the grades, would surely be pleased to hear of it. But nothing (in these shows) is so stupid, that it can’t be maxed out even more. In a Castle ep (a huge waste of NF’s talent), the cops used this crap on a _lawyer_ and it worked; a lawyer, of course, being a member of the sole group, that wouldn’t be duped by this for sure. It’s really painful to watch. I cannot imagine why writers wouldn’t know that, or would intentionally add those grave mistakes. If I never see another submissive witness again, stating that he’s got nothing to hide (those idiots also never ask for search warrants etc.), it’ll still be too soon. Mixed with an atmosphere were all suspects are always guilty and cops never make mistakes, it worries me what mentality people must have, who are actually drawn to all this. None of this seems very compatible with little things like democracy and proper law. And the lesson can’t be that a cop show can’t be made in harmony with this, right? RIGHT?!?

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