Defying The First Syllable of Internet

Every serious “netizen” has at least heard of net neutrality at some point. This is very important, no doubt about it. But everyone who ever used youtube from more places than just the united states knows, that there are a lot more things awry and endangering todays net. Right now it already seems, that the message “not available in your country” was just the first conspicuous sign of trouble. Services like hulu, who only offer content in one country are not that uncommon anymore.
Many big services scan the IPs of visitors for their country of origin and be it only for showing “local” content. I’m not against broadening the offer of such services, but I dislike to have the face of a website pre-selected by assumptions about which country my IP might belong to. Even if no Proxy/VPN is used, it’s kind of a gamble. But without certainty, that the correct country can be determined, why still use that method? All this stuff defies the meaning of the first syllable of Internet.
This issue is also, what is holding down certain shops, that promote digital distribution. Where is the fun, when the Internet shop offers a different catalog for every country? And people therefore end up buying retail imports unavoidably? But as soon as some sites are only accessible from IP x and another only from IP y (surfing de facto consists of frequently switching between IPs), the madness truly begins. This is not the net I want and got so extremely enthusiastic about. It’s perverted. And also much more subtle than the obvious information suppression too many states enforce. Sadly, it also seems more effective, because no one really fights against it, when users aren’t aware as they should be. It’s also much more complex, because a variety of different people and organizations is behind it and not just a few “evil” states.


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