Why they hate it (10)

The constant availability of (almost) everything, (almost) everywhere and for (almost) everyone


What people can and can not have or can and can not see/experience, completely depends on their money, social status and connections. For starters.


Having an Internet connection, or access to one, is “it”. (Uncensored) Internet accounts are separated from one another maybe by their speed. But even that doesn’t have an impact on the actual content. Which is what “it” is all about.


Once upon a time, individuals (or small groups) yelled stuff from their pedestal and the rest “below” them kinda had to take it. Of course this exists until today, yet for at least the last 10 years, it’s getting harder and harder to overlook, that those conditions will change inevitably. Which is just *beep* fantastic for everyone, who had no spot on the pedestal before. Finally. It’s a loss of prerogative of interpretation, that makes THEM go nuts and fuels most of the endeavors, to get “it” back under control. For those rather slow on the uptake, it’s no coincidence, that every undemocratic blip on the map censors the hell out of the net, because stopping the flow of information is the only way to keep such a construct together.


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