There is just no end in sight! Counting all DLCs so far, this must be number 17. Actually it is.
What I really liked about Overlord, is that it makes use of earlier released stuff, namely Firewalker. A huge downside of the Hammerhead hover tank was, that it was only usable in the mission pack it came with. Overlord however, allows to fly it around between mission hot spots (unfortunately I haven’t tried what happens, when Overlord is started before Firewalker). It really made me wonder what the game would have been like, if the Hammerhead would have been included from the get go.
The DLC splits into 4 missions and therefore comes over as a little adventure of its own. Like DLC usually does. It also adds a few new, meaningless achievements, the way Dragon Age DLC did.
I guess it’ll make some sense to collect it all and play ME2 again, once they are completely done with it (because ME3 came out). Coming back to this game, just for the sake of this DLC, is, as usual, not very appealing. Which isn’t supposed to mean at all, that the mission isn’t worth playing.


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    […] the best DLC für ME2 so far (will they even make more now, when Witch Hunt was the last for DA?). Overlord wasn’t really bad per se, but other than LotSB, it didn’t have that feel about it, that […]


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