Why they hate it (9)

The Inconvenient Truth About “The Wild Wild Web”


Nothing is logged and stored. Most of the time, at least. That must mean utter chaos out there on the streets! Probably like a war zone! If it appears to be actually quite moderate, quiet, peaceful or even dull, it must be an illusion! Clearly none of the people are aware of the horror of not being measured, weighed and otherwise controlled/judged at every corner! If the “the web is uncontrolled”-crowd will have their way, this is soon gonna change in a quite dramatic fashion. Or it would have to, if their outlook on the world should include some form of an internal logic. Because:


Everything is (logged and stored) here. Anonymous? In your dreams! Just because nicknames are interchangeable and don’t have to mean a thing, this is still by no means the equivalent of being unknown. Got that? Just imagine it would be impossible to buy bread without exposing vast personal data in the process. This is the standard online… No one does the same in a classic shop. There is no paying with cash in an online store (I’m a little generalizing to avoid to go into too much detail, but still…). Compared to the Internet, the world outside is an anarchistic, post-apocalyptic and dangerously uncontrolled chaos zone. Every crappy click is stored in connection with an account FOREVER.


It really comes down to a fight of the ignorant against the more creative. Seriously. Incredible lack of imagination? The Internet will never be your favorite place.
*beep* who wanna “regulate” more, haven’t understood the nature of “the beast” at all. They only believe they do understand their own regulations, that’s why they try to implement them. Create at least SOMETHING familiar in “the void”, that is this weird, alien cyberspace to them.
They are really like still sociopathic, impatient children, who break toys when they don’t immediately understand them and simply don’t bother to learn how they are supposed to be used. Also, if they don’t have any fun with a toy, no one else shall. Because they can’t have that either.


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