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Fighting PC game piracy with restrictive copy protection is ‘a losing battle’, Blizzard has said. While Ubisoft going so far as to require an uninterrupted connection to its authentication servers, Activision Blizzard purports to be taking another approach, focusing on content and features in an effort to encourage purchases. /

It’s kinda debatable, if online-activation and user-accounts (they are an ill for themselves) are a reason to be overjoyed. It’s also sad, that these methods obviously are now portrayed as the “good” DRM. Quite the change in perception.

“We need our development teams focused on content and cool features, not anti-piracy technology.”

Last year it emerged that StarCraft II will lack LAN support, a move that angered some veteran fans of the series.

Blizzard said the decision was taken to “safeguard” against piracy.

Good one.^^


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