Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (19)

The bogus mystery arc

Although I’m convinced that it’s useless, to watch anything, that is so vain, that it’s possible to miss the biggest part of it and still get everything, I hate it when certain mysteries are made an integral part of the whole piece, but its entire, actual point, is only to trick viewers into watching this, so they’ll wait for a big payoff/revelation. Which then will never come. Usually this comes with warning signs, when the writers suddenly make statements like “…but the fans care only for our characters anyway, why go into anything else”. Why were said fans discussing a shows mysteries earlier, if they would only care about other aspects of the show? This is the point when it becomes clear, that there never were valid explanations to anything. That’s when it starts feeling like a waste of time again.
I mean it’s okay to leave certain details blank. I’m not categorically against that. The concept of always having certain mysteries in life is appealing (because it’s true) and nobody ever knows everything, but not at the cost of making this the sole conclusion. Everything, that was introduced as a major, integral part of the foundation underlining it all, needs to have a solution, that’s deep enough, everything else comes close to a cop-out or is one. That’s why Veronica Mars was so fantastic. Every vital mystery of the show, the audience was supposed to think about, did have a satisfying resolution pending. If something was left up for heavy discussion, it was a minor subplot, nothing the show basically promised to resolve at some point and made audiences wait for. Perfect.
(What I consider) Great writers will never make a show depend on a mythology, that is only designed to create a fake atmosphere of depth. Coming close to something, but shying away from it again, before it becomes to concrete, is frustrating and ultimately disappointing. It also somehow contradicts the goal of wanting to have an involved audience, when it always depends on people turning a blind eye to certain aspects. Great writing comes from actually delivering on implied answers and being careful with introducing complex matters. Even Scrubs came around to deliver a quite satisfying conclusion at the end of Season 8, although it never even promised one! This way it’s a wonderful experience.


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