Taking From The Dark Side

“But if we were to truly get back into the “adventure” business then I would say we need to take some of what we’ve learned from the “action” side of the business a little bit, look at today’s audience sensibilities and reinvent the genre just as we did with Maniac Mansion 23 years ago.”


Oh boy… Makes it sound as if the SE they are making will be all the more valuable. The point in adventure games is, to sit back and relax and think. That’s why there are different genres. When I want to play action, I already have a vast sea of titles to choose from. Action elements in adventure games almost always suck. Why do they always come up with such ideas? I really don’t get the logic behind that. The Monkey Island SE was selling great and was a huge success, even for the next SE there seems to be a huge interest amongst customers – so what’s the obvious conclusion? CHANGE immediately what makes people buy this stuff… Yay! It also portrays that they just didn’t learn. The last time they acted like this, they had to trash their adventure line altogether, because people didn’t like WASD-Guybrush anymore. And now, as soon as they have a hot selling title again, they just repeat this? I hope I’m just reading too much into this “take from the action side” stuff.


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