Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (18)


Boy, do I loath those! Sure, there’s BSG which did really well and Laura Vandervoort looks ridiculously hot in V*, but overall? Isn’t it stupid, to reboot Spiderman only a few years after the last film? If they try to speed this up even more, there’ll be people rebooting their computers less often… Wouldn’t Star Trek have been a much better film, if it was just with a new crew, or even in an entirely different Sci-Fi setting? Who wanted their beloved characters to become interchangeable figures like James Bond? This is even worse than doing mediocre sequels to cult classics!
And I’m also flustered by the way they do it; with the Buffy reboot there was some talk about it being for the next/a new generation. Really? 7 years (the show ended only 2003) is a new/whole generation now (and the comic series is still alive and kicking!)? While movies like Edge of Darkness are on (it’s a remake…), “new” tv shows as Hawaii Five-O are in the lineup for a fall premiere. Is it really this hard, to come up with anything that’s just remotely fresh? It’s like a race, whoever can crank out the most identical products in the least time. They™ could only make it worse, if they would realize they could just as good stop producing “new” stuff altogether and simply put up more reruns. THE HORROR. The “creative” state in the industry must really be desperate, when producers don’t even take known/old stuff anymore and change it a little and mix in some new ingredients but are fully satisfied with mere recurrences of identical franchises.
What I also hold against reboots, is that they never give viewers those actually desired. Where’s a Star Wars Prequel reboot? Of course those stinkers will stay the sole version…

*Yes, I do appreciate Evil-Inara and Liz Mitchell as well. Very.


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