how “it” is done

A university starts taking DNA samples from its students. Optional. Who’s gonna complain? It’s optional. Maybe some people won’t like it, but what will be their point? It’s optional. They don’t have to do it, if they don’t like it. On the other hand, everyone who wants to can. Are they thoughtful, or what?!? That’s a nice way to establish something, without offering too much options to go against it. Given that, who would? But, will “it” still be optional in… say, 5 years? Because then (always does) it goes like: “But we already have this for FIVE years!!! EPIC. And look how many people already did it anyway, although it was OPTIONAL!” Why go against anything, that most people are used to for FIVE YEARS?!? And just like that, something becomes mandatory. Without visible opposition.

Should I repeat the process for making people accept fingerprints in their IDs? ’tis no trouble at all. Just switch the name/first sentence. That’s why all of these mechanisms are ultimately boring. They never differ in the slightest. It’s almost magical, watching them succeed anyways. People should be able to comprehend every single step of it in advance. Maybe that’s it, people are used to being fucked over like this. Making this part the recognizable pattern. Recognizable = easier acceptable.


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