Why they hate it (7)



When it comes to consuming media like news – was their ever any? Newspapers started out as printed words on paper. They were never different. This is all they ever were. Your daddy read his news, like his daddy did. So, since there are news, this is probably the first actual change. That’s how huge and special it is.


You can e.g. read the news in more ways than a very flexible athlete can have sex, okay?


Change is often painful, because it implies so many uncertainties and that’s what people want for their lives – certainty. Tell someone something he takes for granted really isn’t and you’ve spread fear. But then again, life is change and change is inevitable. Or death is. But that’s change too. CHANGE!!!
Just realize that it can’t be that horrible, because todays life is different from that of our ancestors and many people are doing really good nonetheless (obviously their fear must have been unfounded). I’m not saying that change is always good, but all too often there’s just nothing anybody can do about it, so it’s best to be involved in it while it’s outcome is still unknown and thus prevent it to develop into something actually undesirable. No, with “being involved” I’m not referring to what some dicks do with throwing in as much DRM and other control mechanisms as they possibly can. That’s more like a useless “rebellion” to cling to the old ways.

PS: I do realize, that all parts of this (in their last instance) could be broken down to the simple term of “change”, but it does make a certain sense, to approach “it” in its many different aspects. Simply contribute this to the fact, that I’m doing it periodical in contrast to one single text. Many shitty shorts are less work (and more activity), than one passable entry.


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