Why they hate it (6)



Companies produce stuff cheap in one country and sell it expensive in another, while many people work for small money and get to buy the expensive products. That’s cool. And basically the whole involvement for private citizens.


It opens similar possibilities to the average dude. If DVDs cost 1/4 of the price in another country (happens!), just order them over there. Comparing the price and ordering it couldn’t be easier, while even being fast. The result is really, that overpriced crap has a harder time to fool people. Suddenly scamming became a lot harder.


If not before, this is horribly redundant by now, however, no one reads this, so I can do whatever the hell I want! It puts random, normal people in a position of opportunity, that didn’t exist previously. No one bought books from the opposite side of the world 15 years ago. Nobody knew or even thought of it, now only offliners don’t. I guess it’s obvious who still longs for “the good old days™”. And who actually dares to use terms like this for the cheerless past. Yuck.


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