Why they hate it (5)

General Empowerment/Participation


You talk about your interests to your 5-6 peers. That’s it. Chances are good, that nothing will ever come of it. No one else will hear it (which is sometimes good), no one else will be inspired by it and no one else will contribute to it (unlike e.g. a Wiki entry, which will grow and grow over time, after someone took the first step and started it). Chances of personal growth will also be limited, because there’s less feedback. Also, people will much more likely lie to you, if the conversation is face to face. Honesty sometimes is tough to swallow, but (in the end) a lot more constructive.
It’s a lot harder to become part of a larger community, while it’s, at the same time, not necessarily more valuable.


Communities are open to just about everyone. People who would never talk to you on the streets, will gladly explain stuff to every reader on the net. Yes, suck it. That’s how it goes.
It doesn’t matter if you are interested in that weird TV show, that got canned years ago. There’s not just someone on the net equally willing to talk about it, there’s probably a whole board dedicated to this topic. Next to impossible otherwise or at least unheard of.


Some people hate seeing other people being happy and enthusiastic. They are afraid that you stop dealing with THEIR crap, because with having the option of pulling information from the net instead, you (realistically) no longer have to. It’s just a matter of time for people to get that.
Embracing the communication style of the net means to learn to build consensus by creating new ideas through a cycle of challenging them over and over again and thus, in the long run, (hopefully) becoming a more enlightened person. Sometimes such people are just perceived as difficult or, when being euphemistic, flamboyant. It’s a matter of finding your own scene or crowd. Folks who want their peers plain, simple and boring, will naturally object to prevent this process. It’s like in this TNG episode, where they murder everyone who evolves. :P


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