Why they hate it (4)



Alright, I’m not gonna say that people suck in general and that you should stay away from your fellow humans as a general rule. Really! Although this would protect you from violence, sickness, most annoyances […] this could also get boring pretty fast. And don’t forget the nice members of this species! I’ve seen several movies portraying them…
Anyway, even if your incredible big circle of friends only leaves your side when you call the cops, there could come a time when people are far far away for quite some time. Staying in contact is slow and/or expensive. Letters, phone… It’s yet again dependency on a few companies. It’s not like offliners have access to sci-fi stuff like video-telephones and shit. Only Star Trek wackos and those weird Internet people could believe that something like that could ever exist!


Can someone still remember, that way back in the (horrible) olden days™, people could still be (amongst other things) annoying? On the net? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, there’s various forms of trolling of course, but every service I can think of has tons of options to deal with it. Controlling, what the user wants to see, really does cover all the areas. So what it comes down to, is not seeing people you don’t want to see and seeing people you do want to see and freaking fast at that. Paradise! As if this wasn’t incredible and sweet enough, ways for communication are even almost endless. There are more nicely working chat solutions, than all of humanity has a need to chat…


Again, the Internet basically combines all of the advantages, without any drawbacks. By now it’s hard to miss, that it’s always the same shit, that fuels “critics”. It’s faster and cheaper or cheaper because it’s faster. Inevitably drawing the anger of all people, who make a living by selling slow and expensive products and services, as slow and expensive as they can. And trust me – that’s a lot of people… The only other hater group, that’s not completely motivated by the fear of loosing profits, is filled with individuals, who try to make other people’s lives as miserable as they can, because you can circumvent them now much more easily and thus take away their sole hobby. It’s true. Just count how many pricks you’ll have to face just to buy some common products for everyday life. Too many! Simply ordering certain items is cheaper, consumes less time and relieves stress. It’s almost like being on a holiday! Imagine the schoolyard bully alone, with no one to pester. Do you see the tears?


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