Why they hate it (3)



Yeah, you are pretty much limited to a frigging newspaper (because at least it’s text describing stuff and not a TV that’s showing some random pictures with mostly useless, shortened comments). Those never were much more than a giant waste of paper anyway. Be honest! They should have saved the trees instead! They are full of spelling errors and the stories were written by people who don’t know jack about anything. They are journalists after all and not experts on any specific topic. Like lawyers don’t have the slightest clue about anything they are judging, because when other people became engineers/actual scientists, they “studied the law”. Yeah. It’s if I was allowed to do surgery, because I once read something about knifes while I was drunk.
Though newspapers are rarely actually censored, they limit themselves automatically for completely different reasons, giving credit to the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. When the staff assumes more people will want to read about a “celebrity’s” tits, they will report on that and cut space for actual news. This is partially the fault of the readers, of course, who should stop buying papers who do that.
Another huge problem with papers is, that they all copy from each other. If one shitty paper has started a rumor, all other will print it as well. You’ll learn the next days that it was crap, from the few outlets that are still good enough to care. They are like lemmings in that regard. They’ll rather spread a false information, than risking reporting it later than the competition. Which doesn’t even make sense, because they already did that, when they just copy it…
Also, no one reads 5 daily newspapers. You’ll probably buy one and that’s it. Buying 10, just to flip through the rest, in case there are major differences, really isn’t happening. Further, no one saves all editions of a newspaper. It’ll be thrown away soon. Is there any point in which they score? I guess the only advantage of them is, that they don’t require energy for reading.


Let me list some words: Fast, current, connected, easy, linkable, comparable, savable… If an article isn’t fully comprehensible, the missing links can be looked up right away, if they aren’t linked in the article itself right away. It’s a true added value over paper. It thus works for anyone, because it doesn’t favor people with specific knowledge, no matter which gaps someone has, they can all be filled equally. Information can be shared, linked and will inform readers like nothing else ever did, if used right. Hell, even instant comments are often a possibility. I’m a huge fan of books printed on paper, but news? They are usually relevant for a few days max and loose any value after, why print that? A book is different, it’s supposed to be the same story years later. Nothing that doesn’t qualify for this idea needs to be on paper. It’s really just a waste of resources. Just think of errors, that do happen every day. On the web it doesn’t take long to see a correction, or at least tons of people start pointing out mistakes.


Who does still read news on paper? Why should anyone do that? The only point I can conjure up, is that some LOCAL information might slip a pure Online readers radar. Yeah, I guess that’s it. Only printing magazines and books (and anything similar) makes sense, stuff that’s gonna be valid for a long time. Just to clear that up: People often criticize blogs because those would claim to be a newspaper substitute… Do they? I don’t think so. I see blogs completely as an addition over everything interested people had before. Some might be that good, that they can count as professional journalism, sure, but not a majority of them, that IMHO doesn’t even want that. I think that mostly people who don’t know/hate blogs would insinuate this. The rest of readers is just happy for many choices being available. Were newspapers really surprised by this development? Everyone had to see this coming 10 years ago…
Oh and back to the actual reason for this issue – this is why they hate it. It’s yet another loss of power. People can read news from many sources, which results in errors being found much more faster (but we all wanna be right all the time) and is less shaped by one huge voice, that forms people’s opinions. That makes it harder to have expensive advertisement, that optimally requires having a sole, huge medium, that everyone consumes. One big (or a few big) voice converted to many much smaller ones. A loss of status, influence, power, money… And right now it seems that this is even gonna become more extreme! They simply have to curse this bloody Internet! It’s also much easier than coming up with incredible ideas to prosper once more… Just go to http://www.soup.io/everyone and scroll down until the end motherfuckers!


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