Why they hate it (2)



Uh, I’m not gonna go there. Refer your local legislative system, for checking what is considered illegal or otherwise forbidden and plain wrong. I guess it’s covered by accepting, that there’s a lot of evil shit happening out “there” on the streets or maybe rather IF there’s evil shit happening, it’s outside. Duh! Any kind of violent crime is gonna make you wish to be somewhere else. I’m not even gonna pull examples that might cause permanent damage to your health. Everyone who has ever received a punch right to the face knows how unpleasant things can get fast.


Were you ever robbed by a few thugs on the net? Ever got your ass kicked while surfing? What was the worst damage you ever took while holding a mouse? This is ridiculous? How should anyone ever get in serious trouble online? Yes, exactly. It is. Even more so: How could you? It’s not even possible. I’ll take an evil mail over a punch in the face any time! Who wouldn’t? I’m not saying that people who scam others shouldn’t be prosecuted, but you don’t sign anything at the door either. Usually it’s easy to protect oneself against this. It’s not even necessary to learn new skills, that weren’t already useful before. The example with dubious people coming to your door should cut it quite good. It can’t be too much to ask, to be able to do simple things, that were always deemed natural anywhere else.


People can do stuff now (think explaining things or speaking one’s mind), without standing around on a street in the cold, visible for everyone while doing it. It’s potentially accessible for many people (although usually NOT many people do), even when the creator moved on to different things. Like a recording, it doesn’t require an actual guy to repeat it over and over again. Even more: it can easily be copied or linked and mashed into new content. Long story short: pretty much endless possibilities. Of course it’s considered dangerous and wrong by all the actually dangerous and wrong people. Who wants people to have easy access to endless amounts of information that’s free and in comparison (to the classics) more or less uncontrolled? No politician who wants easy information control, no company, that needs dumb consumers who don’t even compare prices… I’m not going on. It should be self-explanatory. Right? I mean, all I’m saying here is IMHO in it’s very core just so fucking obvious, it’s painful to notice, when people still somehow manage to overlook it.


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