Why they hate it (1)

buying stuff


Well, considered it’s known which store has the right goods available, it’s necessary to drive there. If a car is used, it’ll often cost around 10 bucks for fuel to drive close to the store location. Otherwise it’s off to a public transportation pickup point and standing around there until the bus/train arrives. Further costs ensue, when (probably “illegal”) free parking isn’t an option. Now the rest of the distance can be finished on foot. But the odyssey isn’t over yet, running around in the store itself is the next step. Now the item can finally be grabbed, if no further complications occur (sold out/too pricey…), carry it to the checkout. Although the mission seems accomplished now, reverting most of the previous steps is inevitable. The day will end at some point with finally returning home. Hopefully the item will work and not be broken or something.
The whole/simple operation took several hours, causing various costs, far exceeding the price of the actual item. Even if the intend was to buy only it.


Type the name of the product in a search bar, click on it and choose BUY. Done!
It took you maybe 30 seconds if you specifically knew what you wanted and you payed for nothing but the product itself. Even if shipping causes additional costs, it’s probably still cheaper than the sole price of driving anywhere. Even this is, of course, still a plus.


“real life” rips you off, the Internet doesn’t. Of course all the people, who thus loose their chance to rip you off, hate it. They have a harder time to find suckers for their business practices.


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