Because, who didn’t want to feel like walking on fire at some point in his life? I didn’t. Nonetheless, here it is. The next FREE DLC for ME2. After downloading and installing the 473 MB, I had to type in my account details AGAIN, as if the game had forgotten them in the meantime. You can never punish people enough, who bought your stuff. Lesson #1. Look it up.
Once the first mission begins, characters are mute, no voice work was done to talk about how cool the Hammerhead is. The same is true for planets, when searching for the “anomaly”. For the Firewalker DLC missions it’s just the white dot. As soon as Shepard sits in the vehicle, a “malfunctioning” tutorial begins. It displays the buttons to push for jumping, mining… But they are wrong. I’m using the default settings, so that can’t be the reason. It took me a few moments to realize, that the game is misleading me. I finally got the correct default buttons from the options menu. V for mining, E for jumping… That’s really weak. The Hammerhead has no bar displaying its health, it only starts beeping when under fire (and pressing M doesn’t bring up the radar as it does on foot). So it’s hard to say if it will explode immediately (until it does), or if everything’s fine. Which triggers the next awesome feature: it’s not possible to save during Hammerhead missions. Really! Quicksave is “dead” and the option in the menu is just grey. So, if the situation should occur, to be destroyed, it’s always necessary to begin the mission from scratch. In all other missions the game even auto-saved, to offer points for resuming…
This DLC comes with the feeling that it was made by modders, who were really inspired by the game or totally missed the Mako (and couldn’t take his absence from the game anymore), but hardly that it’s a product of the actual developer. Errors like the wrong tutorial overlays, that are impossible to overlook, quite some time after the release of the main game, simply scream with what dedication this stuff is put together.
It’s true that I hate DLC in general, but there’s just never a great DLC to prove me wrong, every time I play one it just confirms my opinion.

//Update #1

Apparently the wrong key bindings are “normal”. Even if the bindings were never altered, players are supposed to reset them after updating to 1.01.

– It is recommended that players reset their keyboard mapping to default values to ensure proper vehicle control.

1.01 changelog

What’s also weird, is that the squad has to be selected for every mission, although it’s only possible to exit the vehicle, if the mission allows it and not if/when the player wants to (like it was with the Mako in ME1). If the squad is unusable anyway, why select one?

Even if I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it at first, I finished it, I didn’t want the download to be wasted. This pack really leaves me behind clueless. It’s only 5 missions and the Hammerhead isn’t usable outside of those. Once these missions are done, the vehicle is gone again/it’s like before its installation. As it is right now, it doesn’t even really feel like a true part of the game. It’s just a little gimmick. You can’t even walk into the room it’s stored in, although the lift describes on which deck the Hammerhead is located. The term half-assed comes to mind.


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