My Awakening Bug List

The DLC Keep just never stops to suck!

At least Google would have put a beta in the title.^^ No seriously, I’ll just note some things and try to update as I go/play along. Similar to DAO.

Different from earlier reports, Awakening does, in fact, import “stuff” from DLC content. [Update: According to some reports the DLC items do vanish like the FAQ says and my experience could be a “positive bug”.] That includes simple items, like the Helm of Honnleath, but also talents like the additions from Avernus’ research. But this is where it already starts. All talents have a description, when they are selected with the mouse cursor. Pretty helpful, considering the numerous different parts. In the talent screen every group has a headline – Avernus’ research skills, are now featured with “(Class name not found)” and completely without text (in journal and quick slot bar = everywhere).

In Amaranthine, one of the quests is to “support” either the smugglers or the city guard. Since the smugglers await the player directly at the entrance to the area, it’s likely that most players will accept their quest first. Siding with the city guard will not entirely close the smugglers quest (although they are dead at that point). Because the quest marker annoyed me, I decided to still talk to the merchant at the inn, to see what would happen (after the quest was done with for the city guard). Sadly I saved after this and noticed only hours later, that the city guard hates me now, because they think I sided with the smugglers. It overwrote the actual occurrence. Though this could have been avoided, if I would have been more careful (e.g. more save games), this angered me quite a bit. Lacking an earlier save game, I had to continue my game with this unfortunate outcome.

Quests with sub plots often feature certain quest symbols in the journal, for every aspect of the quest. Once they are done, the quest symbol is checked and once all parts are checked, it’s moved to the finished part of the journal. In one of my last quests the marker didn’t change, even when the task was properly finished. It got moved over to the finished section with the incorrect display. Yes I know, nothing dramatic, but it’s always the little things (and the amount of them)…

This error was already one of my favorite annoyances in Dragon Age, the glittering, but nonetheless empty, containers. This bug got pumped up a little in Awakening. Though it often occurred that empty containers glittered, the glittering stopped after selecting it. In Awakening it’s possible, that chests start glittering again. And no, I don’t think it’s “done” by simply memorizing which containers were already looted, since it’s possible a container was filled up again by finishing a quest, or pressing a button somewhere. Just assuming it’s the bug again, could mean leaving valuable loot behind.

//Update #1

From here on it seems to go more and more in the direction of bugs that weren’t in DA and came new with Awakening. What always disorients me a little, is that the map now looses its settings. The behavior in DA was, that the map stayed at the zoom level last used. The (seemingly exact same) map in Awakening resets itself every time it’s closed. I like to use the map quite frequently, is there still a quest marker, or is maybe a part of the map left unexplored… So I get this bug all the time. :(

//Update #2

The character approval system in Awakening is, of course, identical to DA. There are still gifts to raise it. There is only one difference, no romance option. But despite that fact, the status of some characters switches to “Love” at some point. I don’t know if that qualifies for being a bug, but it’s at least misleading for people who didn’t read the FAQ, they just might search for an option that’s not in the game.
Also, the way it is now, it makes the impression it was planned, but cut.

//Update #3

Several weapons describe backstab damage for weapons restricted to warriors or even mages (who can’t do that anyway). That’s sloppy.

//Update #4

Part of the game is, to collect people and initiate them into the order. I’m talking about the joining ritual known from DA. This ritual can only take place, after the mission is over, in which the character was met. Sadly, after all the characters are gained, the main story progresses without the option to complete the joining for the last recruit. The option is no longer there and the game moves on. So this person never really becomes a grey warden. This misery could only be circumvented, if a certain character would be recruited last, who doesn’t need the ritual. But again, no one playing the game for the first time, would have that knowledge.

//Update #5

Statistics are fucked up. Variables like “most powerful foe slain:” stay empty. I guess I’ll never know now which character killed which boss. Quite a shame. :P

//Update 2011/03/18

Almost one year later, I played it again, to create a new save game, that would include all the decisions I would want to import into Dragon Age II. Therefore it’s impossible to overlook, that nothing has changed. Naturally I was running the latest patch – haha – where 1.04 was out last year already and their patch cycle ended long before anything significant in Awakening was improved. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, that I encountered a whole new range of other glitches, in this second playthrough.
My first such encounter was of the same type the above mentioned smuggler/city guard bug and achieving all warden joining ceremonies were. Quite early in the game some nobles assemble at the keep and stay there, until the warden talks to Seneschal Varel and asks him to throw them out. I didn’t do that right away, instead I started the quest “A Brewing Conspiracy“, in which the warden will kill some folks, that are still standing in the keep upon return… It’s impossible for players to finish/close all these quests correctly, without knowing their outcome beforehand. That’s seriously uncool. As a result the quest “Defending the Land” never completed (I didn’t notice serious consequences in the epilogue though).
In the Velanna questline inside the Wending Woods, the entire team will be stripped of their equipment. Once they are freed, everything can be acquired again, step by step. This time, the warden’s equipment never showed up again, although I searched every corner for it – twice. Luckily I did this quest early on, so it wasn’t all the best equipment yet, that was gone from the game – I could manage to get some equally good items during the next adventures (and Awakening isn’t that hard, that players would depend on the best stuff). Still, gathering the most powerful artifacts is an important part of RPGs.


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