Mozilla Plugin Check

Beginning with Firefox 3.6 (I think) Mozilla implemented a plugin check into the browser, because security holes in plugins might just be the most exploited software in machines browsing the web today. A welcome addition, actually. A browser consists of so many pieces, that none of the current update checks involves them all.

The 2 screenshots above show 2 different versions of the flash plugin. Beta 2 ( and 3 ( of 10.1.

The update check now only reads until the 51 part of the version number, assuming everything’s fine. But it’s not. Everyone who used this check on older betas, didn’t learn about the newer release from this page.
I don’t know if they fixed critical bugs since beta 2, but that’s not the point here anyway. A check, that doesn’t recognize the full version number, is unfortunately useless and cannot be trusted.

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