DLC + Import = NAKED

2.5 – Will my items, armor, stats, etc transfer over if I import my character from Dragon Age: Origins?

Almost all items are imported with your character. The only exceptions are the Origins promotional items and DLC loot, which were meant for Origins alone.


Yay! Nice formula, isn’t it? I just think it’s awesome, that e.g. using the Blood Dragon Armor or the Warden’s Armor surprises any player importing such a character by wearing “no clothes” in Awakening. :D How refreshing (cause it gets a little chilly in Ferelden every now and then)! I’m not annoyed by this at all, because I already felt quite stupid for buying the keep (though it’s actually the fault of LIARS who made false promises in their “tests”). They just don’t forget any method to make DLC more appealing to players! Why let this chance pass by? I simply adore congruent and consequent behavior…
Also, I’m wondering – did they tell right away, that DLC loot was meant for Origins alone?

I guess it’s the substitute for the fact, that the player isn’t getting any otherwise. :P

1.8 – Who can I romance in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening? (Back to top)

There are no romances options available in Awakening. The story is focused more on the mission at hand and the new threat to Ferelden.



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    […] from earlier reports, Awakening does, in fact, import “stuff” from DLC content. That includes simple items, […]


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