But If So

Sooo, Ubisoft decided to enforce a permanent online connection for everyone who wants to buy their games (although, under those conditions, it’s actually more of a subscription with costs for an obscure and undisclosed amount of time).

What happens if Ubisoft take the DRM servers offline for maintenance, or suffer a technical breakdown?

In the case of a server failure their games will be taken offline, and you’ll be unable to play them.

PC Gamer Blog

Having an interruption in Internet connectivity will be penalized with stopping the game and throwing the player back to the last checkpoint (Assassin’s Creed 2). If a player should be offline (that’s actually the best time to play a game), the game won’t work at all. Anyone who ever used WLAN (or the Internet itself for that matter) and therefore is familiar with frequent disconnects, gets to experience yet another (what I call) WTF-moment. The level of ignorance and the absence of a sense for reality is massive and omnipresent.

“It’s hard for us to say, yes, from now until the day that we all die all of our games are going to include this,”

PC Gamer Blog

Sure, even shortly after Microsoft (for the first XBOX) and EA shut down some of their “old” servers (used for multiplayer games, which are now, without the servers, more of the solo-dead kind) there are users who claim that Ubisoft will release a patch one day, if they should ever unplug their DRM servers, so customers could continue playing… I guess because the company cares so much for a great customer experience, except that they just portrayed with this whole act that they really don’t. Also, please just leave me alone with that kind of naive wishfulness, as if any of those dudes had any clue what would happen, if the company would go bankrupt or something…
Further, I tend to discard any thought process, that’s just a little too exclusive to a ton of relevant issues. With this level of control, the game might be installed locally, but the control always stays with the publisher. “Youth protection”? No problem. The game works only until 8, after that it’s “you are not allowed to play at this hour, go to bed now” (some countries might even revise their legislation regarding such control right now anyway, wait until they hear of this possibility). Adults can certainly authenticate their accounts in addition (they have to keep busy with something, while their games don’t work).
It puzzles me as well, what they try to spin as an advantage, the use of “the cloud” for save games. If I imagine I would have had to upload all my Dragon Age: Origins save games (almost 2 GB!) to a server (instead of classically writing them to disk), with my “slow” Internet connection, I would have experienced the ending a few weeks later… and my PC would have to be running and online all the time. Crazy.
Now that I already mentioned DAO – most of the time they didn’t even pull it off to upload screenshots and character data correctly… Small JPG files were too much for their infrastructure. This entire idea is broken by design. “Automatic uploading” of any content from my PC is certainly nothing I desire.
I’m thrilled to see how long people will be happy about this.


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