Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 6.8

6.8 Complete (167 MB) / 6.7 => 6.8 (88 MB) / Changes

  • +Made bail bond returnable to Lily and restored VV’s poster to basic.
  • Restored three paintings into Empire hotel and moved others around.
  • Fixed static NPCs on downtown hub and restored some Society weapons.
  • Restored report to SM clinic and newspaper pictures to Ocean House.
  • Swapped wrong Luckee Star key model and SPAS into Hallowbrook hotel.
  • Restored three context icons, three infobar icons and three models.
  • Repaired dialogues of Heather, Jack, Arthur, Pisha, Dema and hooker.
  • Corrected Ocean House steam cloud directions and minor map details.
  • Prevented restored NPC conversations from triggering multiple times.
  • Hid door icons at Grout’s mansion and used phone prop to open one.
  • Restored rain to beachhouse and removed it from Ocean House outside.

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