Deep Scrubs Nine

Ugh, Drew – if I wanted to be with a girl, I could! Save all the emotional crap for your diary!

– Denise Mahoney

For the first 6 episodes I thought season 9 was rather weak (okay, 8, the last “real” one, was awesome, so continuing this in the same strong fashion wasn’t easy anyway – the loss of janitor alone isn’t something a show can just recover from [although it’s somehow fantastic too, that he vanishes at the same time JD stops being a constant of the show]), but the last 2 got better considerably. Like they found their balance after setting up/establishing the changed scenario. I really hope it’s no coincidence. :P
I’m especially glad they “saved” (some of) the best (new) actors from the last season, where they already introduced several. This was always the strong suit of Scrubs, maybe not everything they do is comedy gold, but (at least) you do like the people. Even Cole (-noscopy), as the “ass” of the new Scrubs season, stays likable, a feat that can’t be easy to accomplish and many other shows fail at (considering they even try). But maybe that’s just the Scrubs formula – you’ll even find the (pseudo-) antagonists endearing (think Kelso).

PS: Yes, I only wrote the text, so I could do the headline… :P

PPS: The security guys really are a weak substitute for Jan I. Tor… Sorry!


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