Clarification: This entry is basically supposed to be a continuation of this previous note, which already tried to point out differences between Steam in various countries [1]. It’s just Steam opened with 2 different country IP addresses and every time listing “all” games a.k.a. the entire Steam catalog. And yet the difference between the 2 total amounts unveils, that (in countries not here) Steam sells 89 games MORE. Not counting all dumbed down (but still available) versions of course. Those would go extra.
Though this might seem mighty boring to most, I always find these little facts very interesting and noteworthy.


Which is really one of the reasons I’m not that enthusiastic about Steam as I could be, when I consider that Steam is still as dissimilar for the poor users as all kinds of international retailers always were. Because let’s face it: Bringing a fair/equal distribution to all locations was exactly the one new thing the Internet could have brought to mankind. Yet once again: Everything stays the same.


  1. 1 Prey « adrift

    […] once again further exposed the stupidity of censorship, with Prey being uncensored, while Max Payne isn’t for sale at all – keeping in mind, that both are comparable in violence). But it wasn’t just the price […]


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