The Generic Four

Is KotOR 2 “bad” (or worse than 1), because the goal is to just chase down 4 jedi masters? Rather not, right? Because the goal of KotOR 1 is to chase down 4 star maps, right after the Ebon Hawk was stolen from Davik of the exchange(able). And that game was great. Just like the goal of Mass Effect 1 was to scout 4 star systems. Or the goal of Dragon Age: Origins was to gather 4 allies. I don’t know the mission objectives of ME 2 yet (don’t wanna spoil myself), but right now – if I HAD TO guess, off the top of my head I’m assuming it will be something revolving around 4 other things… [Apparently Dragon Age 2 is already queued for production…] I can’t wait to see if I’m right! There will be so much surprise! [Even ToB as a pure add-on to a “full game” had 6 Bhaalspawn to fight. There’s a reason (several actually) these titles are held in such high regard – it was the pre “rule of four” era after all.]


  1. 1 Dragon Effect of The Old BioWare « adrift

    […] finished Dragon Effect (where TOB doesn’t stand for Throne of Bhaal – this was pre-generics after all). With Commander Warden (the guy who looks almost exactly like Dr. Jack Shephard from L O […]


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    […] developers, that keep games from sucking completely, probably also introduced the spreading of more generic game experiences. However, back to Prey… This action title IMHO really puts the 3D in […]


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