thou can keep thy keep

’tis true, is it not? [This has nothing to do with the general DLC problems, which I’m already monologuing here] For those 7 bucks (an amount, for which the entire Mass Effect 1 was already on sale on Steam!) it’s an insult, having 30 minutes of additional gameplay, after which the “Warden’s Keep” isn’t even accessible anymore. After that, the whole content is reduced to a map, that can be traversed in 30 seconds (!) and 2 merchants, who don’t sell anything you can’t get anywhere else in the game just as good. That the party chest should be in the camp in the first place too, is another issue. It makes playing more annoying, having to switch between the 2 places, just to manage some “party business”, that’s coming up after every couple of quests, when enough has changed to re-equip the group. Reading this text took more time than walking from one end of the “keep” courtyard to the other… Would you pay 7-10 bucks just for that?


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