Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 6.6

6.6 (167 MB) / Changes

v6.6 16.11.2009

  • +Translated Japanese and Russian text, thanks to szhinji and Lenuska.
  • +Added Masquerade redemption for Gary’s photo and fixed weapon info.
  • +Gave humanity for Dominating Milligan and fixed tutorial key and xp.
  • Made Misti refill and fixed prophet and pinball dude not animating.
  • Fixed fire not triggering at junkyard and basic poster quests mixup.
  • Restored original flicker-less decals to Dane, netcafe and warrens.
  • Fixed some dialogue issues of Imalia, LaCroix, Isaac, Jack and Phil.
  • Adjusted a too strong history and removed many possible text loops.
  • Locked outer Tawni door and corrected bad Giovanni invitation names.
  • Corrected clipping problems for Venture Tower lamp and cop glasses.
  • Fixed frenzy for all clans and eye colours, thanks to Zer0Morph2000.
  • Prevented Heather from appearing in Hallowbrook if you ignored her.
  • Restored dialogue tutorial popups and removed Ventrue’s rat feeding.
  • Added the frenzy animation to common NPC models, thanks to DDLullu.
  • Fixed Voerman emails not appearing and Copper suddenly having money.
  • Restored Isaac’s gift for the warrens in basic being Toreador only.
  • Used white SWAT skin at Venture Tower and Nines skin at solo ending.
  • Placed alternative Cal skin into diner and rookie cops on the Dane.
  • Restored Lu Fang, Therese and hustler to Lotus Blossom and Vesuvius.
  • Used new Ming skin in Empire hotel and hustler and girl in Asphole.
  • Restored headless security corpse and severed head to warrens level.
  • Placed two scrubs into Grout’s mansion and bartender in Last Round.
  • Added raver and female models into Glaze and missing VW bus to pier.
  • Placed alternative Chang in temple and fixed Luckee Star fireplace.
  • Used alternative stripper skins at Sin Bin, Vesuvius and Giovanni’s.
  • Restored over two hundred scenery props and over forty sign decals.
  • Added breakable tomb stone, gas tank, board and phones to warehouse.
  • Fixed and added breakable air compressor and board into Ash sewers.

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