My DAO Bug List

1.01b (is available now):

– In the last part of the game (Denerim/after landsmeet) several items gained through “optional content” (Stone Prisoner/Warden’s Keep) just were deleted off of my characters. I noticed, when Alistair suddenly fought with his bare hands instead of Starfang (gained from the smith on the Warden’s Keep map) and Leliana suddenly wore no helm. She had the Helm of Honnleath (found in Wilhelm’s cellar on “The Stone Prisoner” map). Therefore I had to finish the final boss fight with a crappy axe instead of my sword with 3 grandmaster runes… [Vanishing/”broken” items from all downloadable content/DLC appears to be a very widespread, even common occurrence, since e.g. the Bioware forums are flooded with according complaints. Though some players did come up with a couple of workarounds, none of them seem to work for all situations, let alone prevent the bugs from happening.]
– A dialog close to the end (of the game) had me discuss something I never decided during the game (I chose the exact opposite). Spoiler: Alistair complained that I chose him to be King (though I respected his wishes and didn’t) and the answer options were like “after all the effort to put you on the throne…” (something that never happened – he even publicly stated [after that decision] that he and his possible heirs would give up every claim to the throne)…


– Sometimes crates/other containers sparkle, although they are, in fact, empty (a stash in the Circle Tower is clickable after every area transition, but empty).
– Gained the “Bully” achievement for intimidation, although using cunning dialog options.
– In Orzammar, a quest mentioning a son was listed as failed after leaving, when playing as an elf, this quest should probably only surface for dwarf characters?
– The online chronic ( listed Connors mother (Redcliffe) as dead, but she was saved instead.
– Savegames become “invalid” when not being online/logged in, because of certain bonus content… This can only be a bug, right? No one would be so crazy, to demand players of a single player/offline game to be always online, right? I noticed this, when I lost my Internet connection once, happens… [1]
– In Orzammar’s arena, Shale wasn’t listed as a possible fighting partner, only the other 2 party members. Result of Shale only being “optional content”? [Shale was also never mentioned in the online chronic, while all other party members gained an entry, after being saved from their respective nightmares in the fade…]
– Wearing similar armor gives a set item bonus. After achieving this bonus (a green icon), it often vanishes on its own. It can be regained by equipping the same items again. I wonder if the positive effects also vanish, or if only the icon isn’t displayed any longer.
– Zevran companion quest event was triggered without receiving the quest first, therefore it was never entered as done in the journal. Dialog options resumed normally.
– In Arle Howe’s estate loading a savegame left Leliana without some parts of her armor (helmet), the game crashed when trying to check out the inventory screen. Reloading worked at some point though.
– Seriously, NO achievement for managing to buy Bioware points?!?

– others I forgot / to be continued?

Mostly really minor things so far… :)


Switching RequiresAuthorization=”1″ to RequiresAuthorization=”0″ in AddIns.xml remedies that (for every individual item).


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  2. 2 annoyance on the first day « adrift

    […] This kind of bullshit makes people feel stupid for buying it. Seriously. Nice surprise? No it’s not. Everything, that’s available at the day of the release, could have been shipped with the game in the first place (and was, before the “invention” of DLC). So whatever is so kindly offered for buyers, is not a bonus. It’s an annoyance, it’s something retail customers have to download extra, instead of installing it fast from the data medium along the rest. Additional hassle (if not cost) for the player. Also, look at the way they try to make it look original, to deliver a character as additional download… Okay, it’s 2 month since Dragon Age: Origins was released, but those who can think back this far, might recall Shale… Thus it can (almost) be considered standard now, that major characters are cut out of the final product (and possibly re-added with bugs). […]


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