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I quite frequently notice, while all kinds of branches aren’t too happy about sales, the different (and often very obvious) untapped market potentials. This time I was missing a proper digital distribution of comics.

1 pay
2 download cbr/cbz
3 read

Just like that. As it is right now, acquiring some comics is all too often kinda hard – lack of shops, online shops are out of stock, don’t list it yet or anymore… And if it’s from another country, the book needs to be imported, which can be expensive and – takes ages. Digital comics are so small in size (~10-25 MB), that a download would be fast just because of that.
Though I’m usually in favor of paper-books over digital versions, the sheer mass of all these editions makes it hard to store them all at home in a shelf or something. Especially in case of some stories that are only read once. There are more than enough books that justify to become part of a collection (as paper) as it is. It goes without saying, that any kind of DRM is a no go.
I would have used such a solution many times already – I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, why has no one started such a service?
I talked about this idea with some people already and everyone was just like “Then why do you complain instead of starting this shop yourself?!?”… As if Marvel (for example) would deal with anybody. Maybe this is the explanation right here, why this hasn’t happened yet. Combining products from all labels under one hood seems impossible, but this is exactly what would be needed. Having a next to complete source is exactly what would be the appeal here.


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